Guardian Angel is a crisis management tool designed to help your in-house legal team prepare for and deal with a number of crisis situations. For each potential scenario, Guardian Angel provides a checklist of the key issues that your in-house legal team should be considering in the first 24 to 48 hours after a crisis has occurred.

Guardian Angel does not provide legal advice nor is it intended to supersede your in-house policies and procedures. Instead it highlights the key issues that may arise in different crisis situations and that we recommend you consider as part of your response if a crisis does occur.

To help you find the information most relevant we have categorised crises into four distinct types:

Behavioral crises

Crises triggered by reports of the illegal or questionable conduct of the company in general or by specific employees. These may include claims of bribery and corruption, money laundering or tax fraud, senior employee misconduct or human rights violations.

Corporate crises

Crises that affect the corporate and financial wellbeing of the organisation including hostile bids, changes of law, material litigation, tax or accounting issues, breach of financing covenants or liquidity crises.

Informational crises

Crises that seriously affect a company’s IT infrastructure or electronic data systems including system failures, hacking or loss of customer data.

Operational crises

Crises that seriously impair the company’s ability to function properly. These may include significant product recalls, environmental incidents, accidents and disasters or terrorism.