Dawn raids

This section is designed to use where external prosecutorial agencies arrive unannounced or on very short notice to inspect or search your premises (commonly known as a "dawn raid"). In the event of a raid, it is essential that full legal advice is urgently taken from external counsel.  This section aims to provide some practical tips, but the issues that can arise on a raid are complex and the company faces significant exposure if it fails to fulfil its obligations, so external counsel should be contacted as soon as you are aware a raid is taking place. We also offer dawn raid training in advance so employees are alert to the issues that may arise on a raid. If this is of interest, please contact any of the individuals listed here to learn more.  
Where a bribery/corruption or competition/antitrust issue has arisen within a business or in connection with one of its business partners, but external prosecutorial  agencies have not yet become involved, please refer to bribery/corruption and cartels respectively.

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